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In 1977, Native American activist Leonard Peltier was sentenced to consecutive life terms for killing two FBI agents. Then in 2000, a Freedom of Information Act disclosure proved the Feds had framed him. But Leonard's still in prison. This is the story of what happened on the Pine Ridge Reservation half a century ago—and the man who's still behind bars for a crime he didn't commit.

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Escape Pod

The globe is warming. Machines are coming for our jobs. And the people who own those machines don't want to share their spoils.

Surviving the 21st century will require a radical rethinking what it means to be humans. Are we laborers who work so we can purchase goods in the market? Or are we animals living reciprocally in our natural environments?

Essay series
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Andrew McCollum (Brennan Kelleher) isn't here to talk about how he captained two startups toward big exits. He wants to talk about his doubts. He wants to talk about how he became a bad CEO—and why you might want to consider becoming one, too.


Preview performance presented in collaboration with Free Machine & Ace Hotel, James Kaelan's Bad CEO is a a keynote by a fake founder having a real crisis of conscience.

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